Bruce Himelstein is the Ritz-Carlton executive who transformed customer service for one of the world's most recognizable luxury brands, as featured prominently in the New York Times bestseller, The New Gold Standard.
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The Power of Great Customer Service on your Brand’s Bottom Line.

January 18, 2019   


The list of bad customer service experiences that end in a bruised reputation, lawsuits, or even bankruptcy grows exponentially by the hour. Keep reading to find out how you can save yourself from the pitfalls of a failing hospitality team. While there are many elements that go into maintaining a successful business, there are certain key factors that are needed. Every interaction a company has with a customer lays the foundation for establishing their reputation and, even more crucial, affects that company’s future revenue and growth. It is for this reason that top-notch customer service must be taken into serious consideration and prized as a fundamental factor in increasing your return on investment.

As mentioned, there is indeed a relationship between the way your staff is trained to respond and the return on investment this generates. Creating the perfect synergy between the two is a complex science that, when perfectly calibrated, can result in the puzzle pieces needed for such success.

These pieces include but are not limited to: 

Increased Employee Motivation & Engagement

A happy mind results in a happy attitude. This sets the tone for positive employee to customer communication.

Improved Customer Service Expertise

When the attitude and tone are right, it is easy to interpret a customer’s questions or concerns and make the appropriate response.

Increased Customer Satisfaction

Providing an appropriate and pleasant response to customer’s questions or concerns is the gateway to their satisfaction. Customer satisfaction results in brand trust, product/service sales and, most important, customer retention.

Inevitable Profit Increase

When all the pieces are put together, a happy customer will invest their dollars into a company which, in turn, will increase their lifetime value.

There are many ways to ensure good customer service is looked at as a pivotal part of your company. However, based on the success stories of big, high return companies, customer service training programs seems like the most practical route. From online seminars to in-person speakers, there are many professionals that specialize in equipping your company’s staff with the right tools to communicate in a controlled, sociable and effective way.

Indeed, a happy staff results in happy customers which leads to a VERY happy bank account.  After all, it was Craig D. Lounsbrough who said, “We got where we are because our choices mapped the route and paved the road.” With that said, if you truly care about your business, make the choice to get engaged in a customer service training program with your staff.

One such customer service training program is the The BJH Group, spearheaded by Bruce Himelstein, a Ritz-Carlton executive who transformed customer service for one of the world’s most recognizable luxury brands, as featured prominently in the New York Times bestseller, The New Gold Standard. With over 30 years of experience as a Senior VP and C-Level Executive, impeccable references in hospitality, brand management & marketing, Bruce has the answer!

While Chief Marketing Officer at Loews, he successfully pioneered the first usage of Twitter into corporate marketing through an innovative hotel booking strategy, changing the way the hospitality industry utilized social media channels for profitable business purposes. During his tenure leading the marketing division as VP of the Ritz-Carlton Company, Bruce Himelstein drove powerful initiatives, commonly referred to in insider circles as blowing the dust off the Crown and Lion, that transformed one of the world’s most global and recognizable 30 billion dollar luxury brands from a classic icon to a contemporary trend.

“Is your organization prepared for how the customer is changing? Is your marketing aligned?”

♦ Founder and CEO – The BJH Group
♦ Chief Marketing Officer – Loews Hotels & Resorts
♦ President – Oceania Cruises
♦ Executive Vice-President & Chief Marketing Officer – Kerzner Int’l
♦ Senior Sales and Marketing Officer – The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company LLC
♦ American Marketing Association Hall of Fame – 2007 Inductee
♦ Board of Directors – Hospitality Sales & Marketing Association Intl (HSMAI)
♦ Past Board of Directors – US Travel Association
♦ Board of Directors – Luxury Institute Advisory Board
♦ Regularly Featured Speaker – Sirius Radio, Forbes Magazine, Wharton School
♦ Industry Recognition – Hospitality Sales & Marketing Association International Top 25 Most Extraordinary Minds
♦ Past Board of Directors – Shady Grove Hospital


Mr. Himelstein has completed dozens of speaking engagements and is established as a conference speaker, guest speaker, event speaker, round table speaker, panel speaker, and keynote speaker.

Bruce is an active member of the following Speakers Bureaus:
♦ Washington Speakers Bureau
♦ Keppler Speakers Bureau
♦ Premiere Speakers Bureau
♦ Executive Speakers Bureau
♦ Goodman Speakers Bureau
♦ Big Speak Keynote Speakers
♦ Keynotes Organization
♦ Speakers Bureau

To learn more about Bruce J. Himelstein, and the BJH Group, visit:

  • Recognized as “One of The Top 25 Most Extraordinary Minds in Sales & Marketing” by The Hospitality Sales & Marketing Association International (HSMAI).
  • Featured & Quoted in as Branding Consultant.
  • Featured on The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania’s Sirius radio channel discussing his experiences in marketing lifestyle brands.
  • An inductee into “The American Marketing Association” Hall of Fame, Himelstein also sits on many prominent industry boards, including the Luxury Institute Advisory Board.
  • Drove efforts to "blow the dust off the lion and crown" by transforming one of the world's most recognizable luxury brands...the Ritz-Carlton.
  • Recognized for identifying and implementing strategies to maintain relevance in today’s rapidly evolving business world.
  • Featured prominently in Joseph Michelli's New York Times bestseller, "The New Gold Standard".
  • Passionately worked to improve healthcare by serving on the Shady Grove Hospitals Board of Directors
  • Completed innovative work by breaking marketing barriers for Marriott's Senior Living Services