Bruce Himelstein is the Ritz-Carlton executive who transformed customer service for one of the world's most recognizable luxury brands, as featured prominently in the New York Times bestseller, The New Gold Standard.
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Experienced Hospitality, Marketing, and Luxury Brand Consultant

Do you have a specific marketing, brand management, client services, executive management, sales growth, or hospitality industry challenge?

Bruce Himelstein: Founder of the BJH Group

“Consulting requires the ability to cut right to the heart of a problem and then solve it.”

     ► 30+ Years Experience: Senior VP and C-Level Executive

     ► Impeccable References in Hospitality & Brand Marketing

     ► Luxury Brand and Service Industry Marketing Guru

     ► Established Leader in Innovative Change Management

While Chief Marketing Officer at Loews, he successfully pioneered the first usage of Twitter into corporate marketing through an innovative hotel booking strategy, changing the way the hospitality industry utilized social media channels for profitable business purposes.

During his tenure leading the marketing division as VP of the Ritz-Carlton Company, Bruce Himelstein drove powerful initiatives, commonly referred to in insider circles as blowing the dust off the Crown and Lion, that transformed one of the world’s most global and recognizable 30 billion dollar luxury brands from a classic icon to a contemporary trend.

Shortlist of Career Highlights

          ♦ Founder and CEO – The BJH Group

          ♦ Chief Marketing Officer – Loews Hotels & Resorts

          ♦ President – Oceania Cruises

          ♦ Executive Vice-President & Chief Marketing Officer – Kerzner Int’l

          ♦ Senior Vice President – The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company LLC

          ♦ American Marketing Association Hall of Fame – 2007 Inductee

          ♦ Board of Directors – Hospitality Sales & Marketing Association Intl (HSMAI)

          ♦ Board of Directors – US Travel Association

          ♦ Board of Directors – Luxury Institute Advisory Board

          ♦ Regularly Featured Speaker – Sirius Radio

          ♦ Peer Award – HSMAI’s Top 25 Most Extraordinary Minds

          ♦ Board of Directors – Shady Grove Hospital – Board of Directors

In addition to over 30 years of executive management, and a natural predilection for maximizing value in hospitality and luxury brands, Bruce understands the bottom-line driven needs of  high-intensity results-oriented markets and goes above and beyond for every client to ensure mutually beneficial success. 

If you would like Bruce to help take your business to the next level, please contact his staff immediately for pricing and availability.

How BJH Group Consulting Services Can Help You

Intensely successful at every level of his career and driven to help growing and established businesses benefit from his wealth of expertise…

Bruce is now one of the most sought after hospitality management, marketing, service industry, health care customer service reform, top down change management, and sales growth consultants.

A master of his craft, Bruce is a game changer and his services have an established ROI value that far exceeds the costs.

His range of professional experience qualifies him to successfully problem-solve a wide range of organizational, financial, marketing, customer service, branding, image management, client relations, and managerial issues relating to hospitality, marketing, business structure, executive management, corporate change, and remaining innovative in the face of stagnation.

His consultation formula builds off the following foundational elements:

          1 – Comprehensive Critical Assessment

          2 – Organized Delineation of Core Problems

          3 – Depth Exploration of Underlying Issues

          4 – Patient Implementation of Top Down Solutions

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The Value of Outside Consultations

“A consultant is one of the most valuable tools at a business’ disposal.”

FACT: Successful corporations, companies, and groups consistently bring in highly-relevant outside professional consultants to help advise, assess, innovate, lead, guide, or capitalize on priceless expertise.

From the initial assessment to the development of a unique and comprehensive plan of action structured around the individual dynamics of your business and industry… Mr. Himelstein understands how to help you overcome those existing business obstacles that impede short and long term success.

Service and Industry Specialties:

♦ Luxury Brand Consultant

♦ Hospitality Consulting Services

♦ Experienced Hotel Consulting

♦ Hospitality Business Consulting

♦ Hotel Marketing Consultant

♦ Senior Hospitality Consultant

♦ Hospitality Marketing Consultant

♦ Hospitality Management Consultant

♦ Change Management Consultant

♦ Business Strategy Consultant

♦ Brand Management Consultant

♦ Business Growth Consultant

♦ Innovative Marketing Consultant

♦ Customer Loyalty Consultant

♦ Change Leadership Consultant

Marketing and Business Growth: Transform your current marketing efforts with individualized strategies based on the nuances of your existing clients, market research, budget constraints, KPI’s, and highly specific target goals. Develop, implement, or upgrade marketing plans to fully capitalize on current and future trends while consistently bringing in a strong flow of business.

Corporate-level and Individual Sales: Organize and innovate your B2B and B2C sales and sales-management efforts and models from the top down while providing comprehensive organization-wide strategies that build motivated and incentive driven client relationship and communication efforts in a sustainable manner that piecemeal short term solutions fail to achieve.

Strategic Teamwork and Leadership: 8 out of 10 businesses fail because of poor planning and a lack of foresight that results from an undeveloped vision. The business vision is the road map that either guides a company into a wealthy future or gets their brand lost in organizational chaos. Building the right vision allows a top down approach to planning that has been proven to increase cohesive organizational efforts. Providing well-understood structures in a manner that is conducive to the overall forward movement of the brand helps a business achieve their overall strategic vision rather than falter and fail.

Customer Loyalty and Change Management: Understanding the customer, both in the present and in the future, is key to achieving both short term success in the existing market and being prepared for long term success in the inevitable shifting markets down the line. Building a strong customer base and even stronger client loyalty is essential for branding and shifting a business from profit-driven to customer-driven is often one of the most successful models for short and long-term profitable sustainability.

  • Comprehensive review of the company or organizational structure and relevant processes
  • Strategic and practical problem identification and solution-driven organizational troubleshooting
  • Marketing strategy assessment and review along with professional recommendations
  • Sales strategy assessment and review along with professional recommendations
  • Branding and brand management assessments as well as clearly defined suggested improvements
  • Leadership opportunities assessments for a top down approach to unified and effective management