Bruce Himelstein is the Ritz-Carlton executive who transformed customer service for one of the world's most recognizable luxury brands, as featured prominently in the New York Times bestseller, The New Gold Standard.
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Engaging Marketing, Management, Sales, and Hospitality Speaker

Do you need an insightful professional speaker to speak on specific marketing, brand management, client services, executive management, sales growth, or hospitality topics?

Bruce Himelstein: Founder of the BJH Group

“Speaking distills large complex thoughts, patterns, and experiences down through the filters of powerful anecdotes and engaging messages to help transform the audience into receptive listeners eager to apply and share what they’ve learned.”

     ► 30+ Years Experience: Senior VP and C-Level Executive

     ► Impeccable References in Hospitality, Brand Management, & Marketing

     ► Luxury Brand and Service Industry Marketing Guru

     ► Established Leader in Innovative Change Management

While Chief Marketing Officer at Loews, he successfully pioneered the first usage of Twitter into corporate marketing through an innovative hotel booking strategy, changing the way the hospitality industry utilized social media channels for profitable business purposes.

During his tenure leading the marketing division as VP of the Ritz-Carlton Company, Bruce Himelstein drove powerful initiatives, commonly referred to in insider circles as blowing the dust off the Crown and Lion, that transformed one of the world’s most global and recognizable 30 billion dollar luxury brands from a classic icon to a contemporary trend.

“Is your organization prepared for how the customer is changing? Is your marketing aligned?”

Professional Résumé

          ♦ Founder and CEO – The BJH Group

          ♦ Chief Marketing Officer – Loews Hotels & Resorts

          ♦ President – Oceania Cruises

          ♦ Executive Vice-President & Chief Marketing Officer – Kerzner Int’l

          ♦ Senior Sales and Marketing Officer – The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company LLC

          ♦ American Marketing Association Hall of Fame – 2007 Inductee

          ♦ Board of Directors – Hospitality Sales & Marketing Association Intl (HSMAI)

          ♦ Past Board of Directors – US Travel Association

          ♦ Board of Directors – Luxury Institute Advisory Board

          ♦ Regularly Featured Speaker – Sirius Radio, Forbes Magazine, Wharton School

          ♦ Industry Recognition – Hospitality Sales & Marketing Association International Top 25 Most Extraordinary Minds

          ♦ Past Board of Directors – Shady Grove Hospital

Professional Speaker Associations

Mr. Himelstein has completed dozens of speaking engagements and is established as a conference speaker, guest speaker, event speaker, round table speaker, panel speaker, and keynote speaker.

Bruce is an active member of the following Speakers Bureaus:

          ♦ Washington Speakers Bureau

          ♦ Keppler Speakers Bureau

          ♦ Premiere Speakers Bureau

          ♦ Executive Speakers Bureau

          ♦ Goodman Speakers Bureau

          ♦ Big Speak Keynote Speakers

          ♦ Keynotes Organization

          ♦ Speakers Bureau

Speaking Topic Options:

A 3+ decades-long career propelling massive global organizations forward in evolving technological landscapes and shifting marketplaces provides a wealth of speaking material.

“Bruce Himelstein is one of the most innovative marketing executives in the luxury industry. He is a trusted expert for top tier brands and an engaging and prolific speaker. His speaking and consulting engagements will prepare you to tackle the present as well as the future with proven best practices.”
-Milton Pedraza, CEO of Luxury Institute, LLC

Sharing an experienced understanding of complex and competitive business, service, hospitality, and marketing environments…

Mr. Himelstein is able to compelling explore a range of high value topics customized to the theme or needs of the event including:

          Building Highly Successful Marketing Strategies

          The Nuances of Comprehensive Branding Elements

          Responsive Client Service Processes

          Profitable Hospitality Models

          ♦ Improving Customer Loyalty Programs

          Sales Growth Strategies

          Unified Organizational Approaches to Change

          ♦ Top Down Executive Management

          Remaining Relevant in a Constantly Changing Environment

Attendees take away critical insights on how organizations can enjoy a price premium, the importance of branding and use of its equity in an ever-shifting marketplace, and how organizations can and should use their existing culture to work towards the necessary elements of change that will not only delineate how to move forward in the shifting global landscape, but define how well they will thrive.

Speaking Video:

Past Speaking Engagement Titles:

♦ Professional Speaker

♦ Marketing Speaker

♦ Hospitality Speaker

♦ Business Speaker

♦ Executive Speaker

♦ Keynote Speaker

♦ Hotel Speaker

♦ Corporate Speaker

♦ Teamwork Speaker

♦ Branding Speaker

♦ Change Management Speaker

♦ Business Strategy Speaker

♦ Brand Management Speaker

♦ Business Growth Speaker

♦ Innovative Marketing Speaker

♦ Customer Loyalty Speaker

♦ Client Relationships Speaker

♦ Hospitality Management Speaker

♦ Change Leadership Speaker

♦ Hospitality Marketing Speaker

  • Breakthrough creative marketer behind award-winning advertising campaigns and brand revitalizations
  • Global leader in building customer connections with a strong record of identifying and anticipating consumer trends
  • Drove efforts to "blow the dust off the lion and crown" by transforming one of the world's most recognizable luxury brands...the Ritz-Carlton.
  • Business and marketing guru with a powerful wealth of accumulated industry insight, relevant anecdotes, and insider tips to share
  • Powerful professional speaker with extensive experience and a natural predilection for audience engagement
  • Pioneer in change management and business growth both in the hospitality industry and on a corporate & exectuive level